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Christmas Gifts Recommended (2)

Le 11 novembre 2017, 05:21 dans Humeurs 0

1.3D printing pen

We can only paint on the paper in the pen, but if you can draw in the air, you feel it is amazing? The latest black technology 3D printing pen. It is good as a gift.

2. Ceramic crafts

Modeling strange ceramic crafts, giving a pleasant feeling, but also a good gift.

3. Set of coffee cups

If your friends have your own family, my advice is to send coffee mugs,afternoon time, drinking coffee and chatting with friends in the courtyard, is also a very comfortable life now

4. Diamond painting

Christmas is coming, home decoration should be a change, it is better to send a diamond draw, it increased about Christmas atmosphere

5. Exquisite candlestick

Christmas, a beautiful roses candlestick also a good choice, elegant style reflects the fine gift you choose.

Christmas Gifts Recommended (1)

Le 3 novembre 2017, 08:55 dans Humeurs 0

Over time Christmas is coming,You are still thinking to send any gifts to your friends, do not worry, I recommend you a few very special gift.

1Flux Capacitor Wall Charger

2Star Trek: TOS Bluetooth Communicato

3Knight Rider USB Car Charger

4Shark edition laser pointer

5Doctor Who's scarves

6Features diamond painting

7Star Wars Sphero BB-8 Force wristband robot

8Cartoon version of the small jar

9Tetris version LED lamps

If you have a favorite in advance to buy it!

I Have A Secret Want To Tell You

Le 25 octobre 2017, 10:16 dans Humeurs 0

In a long time ago,there is a rich kingdom, where the people are very kind.But there is the beginning of the year the land here to start drought, the fields no longer grow food, the people living in poverty.The king has a very beautiful and kind daughter, she saw his father all day frown, people living hard, she found the sea god,Poseidon said:If I helped you, how you repay me ah !Princess said: as long as you can save my people, I can do anything for you.Poseidon said: kind-hearted princess, only you can save and guardian of your people. But you have to pay a heavy price.”As long as you can save my country, I am willing to pay any price, including life.”So Poseidon princess pure soul turned into the wind and rain, guarding the country.The princess's body into a diamond mosaic into the princess's appearance, sent back to the palace.Poseidon told the king, the princess had a secret to tell you, in fact, she love you very much.

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